Mixed salad with avocado


Avocados are available in Hungary mainly in supermarkets. This vegetable is not too expensive, we use it for cooking by regularly.


Pork heel stew

One of my favorites is this meal. I must admit there was a time when at the end of the month we ate this quite often, as it is relatively cheap, but we never got tired of it because we love it. Fortunately my husband shares my enthusiasm about this food. It has been a long time, though, since I made it the last time. I was planning to do so, but it is rather hard to find fresh pork heels. Now I finally bought some beautiful pork heels and it became our Sunday meal.
Our kid ate the boiled potatoes with something else because he does not like pork heel stew. Yet.
I suggest you try allspice in this as it adds a small and harmonic taste. Use only one piece though, not more.

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