The 1th National Goulash Day in Hungary and all over the world - aug 28, 2010


This Day's idea comes from Sandor Csíki who has a very interesting and quality Hungarian foodblog: http://www.foodandwine.hu/

Goulash, stew, paprikash, Hungarian fish soup, paprika potatoes etc. are similar traditional Hungarian dishes. The Hungarians cook stew or goulash on every holiday and family gathering. These foods are included in the main family events: Weddings, christenings, birthdays, funerals etc. These dishes often are cooked outdoors on fire at the friends gatherings. These foods represent a connection among the Hungarians all over the world.

Read this post if you want to know what are the goulash and paprikash means:

On the National Goulash Day Hungarians cook and eat these meals wherever they are: at home, with their friends, outdoors, in a restaurant etc. A lot of people joined this Day not only in Hungary but also abroad.
Therefore if you are Hungarian in Hungary or anywhere in the world, cook and eat goulash on August 28th in honor of the National Goulash Day.

The philosophy of the National Goulash Day

"The National Goulash Day that day when Hungarians cook goulash, stew, paprikash, lecho, fish soup (...). Not in the same rhythms, not with the same recipes, but in the same spirit. The National Day is not Goulash festival, not a celebration of a region or a city. The National Goulash Day is the celebration of the our country. The National Goulash Day is the celebration of the Pannonian Plain. The National Goulash Day is that day when cohesion is manifested among Hungarians. The National Goulash Day is that day when we are together around the fire symbolically. (Sandor Csíki, 2010. June 28)"

Read the invitation on the webpage of Sandor Csíki:

And cook these foods on this Day for example:
Gulash soup
Paprika potatoes

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