"Strudel of lazy housewife"

Wow it is a really quick pastry. (Especially if you have stoned sourcherries:)) You should strew everything on the oven pan, and you are done.
It becomes very soft and crumbly. Yummy.

Sour cherry and curd cheese strewed cake

Ingredients: 24x35 cm oven pan

250 g butter
400 g all-purpose flour
250 g powdered sugar
12 g baking powder
500 g curd cheese
500 g stoned sourcherries
3-4 eggs
2 dl milk
pinch of salt


1. Mix the flour, sugar, salt and baking powder in a bowl.
2. Grease the oven pan with half of the butter.
3. Strew on half of the flour-mix.
4. Crumble on the curd.
5. Cover over the sourcherries.

6. Strew on remains of flour

7. Pour on remains of melted butter (You can do it in microwave oven)

8. Mix milk and the eggs and pour on

9. Let it stand for about 1 hour.
10. Bake the cake approximately for 30 minutes in hot oven (200 celsius degree).
11. After baking it seems very soft and maybe you can't cut it. Let it cool to achieve firm texture.


  1. sieht sehr gut aus. das probier ich mal aus.

  2. Wow I am so curious! Write me your experiences please!

    Ich bin neugierig. Legen Sie es in Ihren Erfahrungen, bitte!

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