What does it mean? - Paprikash and Hungarian stew


Paprikash and gulash are the most famous Hungarian dishes. Both of them are made by similar technology but gulash is a soup which may contain vegetables too. However, paprikash has only little and dense gravy without vegetables.

Basic technology - base for paprikash (and gulash):
1. Chop onions and garlics finely.
2. Braise them in oil or fat until pale yellow.
3. Pull the pan from the fire, add the paprika, mix in, add 1 dl of water. (The paprika will taste bitter if you leave the cooker without water!)

4. The cooking procedure continues from this step toward a variety of dishes.

Paprikash is made of different kinds of meat.
There are two ways to cook paprikash:
1. first cook base of paprikash then add meat. This is called: "paprikash".
2. first fry the meat with fat on all sides until they have a white color. Then add some water. Cook the meat semi-finished add chopped onion and garlic. In the end add paprika, cook about another 5 minutes. That is called: "Pörkölt" pronounced "porkolt" = Hungarian stew.

Apart from meat, Hungarian people cook paprikash from a wide range of commodities. For example:
Peas, cauliflower, mushrooms, eggs and all kind of vegetables.
If the paprikash is made of tomatoes and green peppers that is called: Lecsó pronounce: "lecho". It is a famous Hungarian summer dish too.
If the paprikash is made of potatoes that is called: Paprikáskrumpli pronounced: "paprikashkroomplee" = paprika potatoes. This food is made by Hungarians frequently.


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  2. Just thought I'd mention, actual correct spelling in Hungarian is: "Gulyas".


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